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Brief introduction of model
This XC600t/h type ship unloader is widely used for the bulk grab ship unloader work purposes in the port and wharf. It is through the longitudinal movement along the track, lateral movement of trolley and lifting, opening and closing  movement of grab to work. This machine uses AC frequency control, PLC control, and installed intelligent "state monitoring and control system." It has the characteristics of simple and beautiful appearance, safe and reliable work, advanced performance, convenient maintenance, high durability and so on. It can be widely used in loading and unloading ship operation in each port wharf.
Main Technical Parameters
Production capacity 600t/h(Gravel)
Working grade A8
Track gauge/Base distance 10.5m/13m
Outreach 25m
Backreach 8m
Hoisting height 16.5m above rail/15m below rail
Working speed of Mechanism Hoisting 110m/min
Trolley traveling 150m/min
Cart traveling 26m/min
Pitching 8min
Installed Capacity 680KW
Wind speed Max. working wind speed 20m/s
Non-working max. wind speed 55m/s
Largest wheel pressure at work 265KN
Number of traveling wheel/Wheel number per leg 32/8
Crane track QU80
Power supply 6KV 50Hz
Crane weight ≈420t
Note: The above parameters for the performance of the existing cases of mature technical parameters are for reference only. We can design and manufacture products according to user’s requirements. There are various derivative models of said crane available for customers to choose.