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Check the contents of crane common parts

Hoisting Machinery General Components check the contents:
(1) Hook
Check hook marks and anti-off device meets the requirements, the hook for cracks, elimination and other defects hook wear section, increase the amount of the opening degree of tensional deformation, is excessive and whether the surface hook neck fatigue deformation, Crack and related pin, sets wear.
(2) Wire Rope
Check the wire rope specifications, models and matching reel pulley meets the design requirements. Plate, Shankar, lease blocks, etc. rope fixed end fixtures to meet the requirements. Rope wear, broken wires, kinks, crushed, bent, broken stocks, corrosion, etc. are exceeded.
(3) Braking device
Set the brake, the brake of the type meets the design requirements, whether the brake lever, spring or without fatigue deformation, cracks and other defects pins, spindles, brake wheel, brake pad wear excessive, whether the hydraulic brake system leakage Dynamic gap adjustment, the braking capacity can meet the requirements.
(4) Roll
Reel body, whether the tube edge fatigue cracks, breakage, etc. rope groove and the cylinder wall is excessive wear and wire rope drum flange height wound layers can match the guide rope, rope working conditions to meet the requirements
(5) The pulley
Whether there is anti-off rope pulley groove pulley rope grooves means the rim for cracks, broken edges, excessive wear and other conditions, pulley rotation is flexible.
(6) Gear
Have severe slowdown runtime metal friction sound, vibration, radiation and other unusual sounds shaft housing is sealed well, a defective mounting bolts are loose gear lubricant selection and other conditions, oil level, oil pump gear vertical run , open gear lubrication compliance.
(7) Coupling
Coupling parts for defects, loose connections, run impact of the phenomenon. Couplings, pin, axle pin whole, buffer rubber ring wear is excessive. Coupling and the two parts are connected are concentric.