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The basic knowledge of bridge crane

Bridge crane Overview:
Bridge Crane Bridge is a bridge crane runs on an elevated track, also known as the crane. It was hung in workshops, warehouses and material lifting field empty for material lifting equipment. Because it is located on both ends of the tall concrete pillars or metal stents, shaped like a bridge. Bridge crane lay on both sides of the bridge along the elevated track longitudinal running; you can take full advantage of the space below the lifting bridge materials, unhindered ground equipment. It is the most widely used the largest number of a crane. It is widely used in indoor and outdoor warehouses, factories, docks and outdoor storage yard and other places.
Bridge crane classification:
Bridge cranes are mainly divided into: general overhead, simple beam bridge, metallurgy special bridge, explosion-proof bridge four categories.
Common Bridge: Bridge cranes mainly ordinary electric drive, generally in the driver's cab manipulation, there are remote control. From the weight up to 500 t, span up to 60 meters. Great starting weight of ordinary bridge crane for ease of installation and adjustment, universal coupling drive device often used. Crane agencies generally only four driving and driven wheels, if the weight of a large, common approaches to increase from the wheel to reduce the wheel pressure. When more than four wheels, it must adopt a balanced articulated frame means that the crane load is evenly distributed on each wheel.
Easy-beam bridge: also known as crane beam, its structure and composition is similar to ordinary bridge crane. Starting weight, span and work rate are small. Bridge the main beam is a simple cross-section beam by a beam or other beam and plate steel composition, hand pull hoist or trolley hoist coupled simple as lifting the car, the car generally runs on the lower flange beams. May orbiting overhead bridge on can also be suspended in underpasses along the orbit, which is called the crane girder suspension cranes.
Metallurgy Bridge: This crane in the steel production process can participate in a particular process operation, the basic structure and general overhead crane similar, but in lifting a small car is also equipped with special work mechanism or device. Working features of this crane is the use of frequent, harsh conditions, higher operating level,
Bridge Explosion: This crane is mainly used in explosive atmospheres lifting use, the basic structure and general overhead crane similar, but the measures taken in the mechanical part of the motor explosion-proof electrical part and the metal contact surface, so as to ensure the explosion-proof environment Use of safety.
Bridge crane applications:
Bridge crane is lifting the transport of modern industrial production and production processes to achieve mechanization and automation of important tools and equipment. Therefore, in the indoor and outdoor overhead crane and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, railways, ports and logistics flow and other departments and have been widely used places.