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Introduces mobile cranes

Mobile cranes Description:
Mobile Cranes mainly crawler cranes, truck cranes, tire cranes, all terrain cranes, truck mounted crane.
Features: a wide range, good mobility, can easily transfer the venue, but the road, site requirements, and higher station class fee.
Scope: suitable for single piece weight big and medium-sized equipment, hoisting member, short cycle times.
Main Category:
(1) Crane is a modified chassis of the vehicle part or through special chassis for mounting a crane to run part of the majority of elastic suspension bridge. Crane cab use different job status with the state and crane. It has a travel speed, flexibility and strong features, suitable for long distances quickly converted to the job site. Crane suspension load can not travel, and body length, turning radius, so by poor performance.
(2) Tire crane tires use a special crane to run chassis, rigid axle suspension, the suspension load can travel, on and off using the same cab. Since the tire tread and wheelbase crane similar to this, both to ensure uniform isotropic tipping stability, increased mobility. It also has good passing ability, can be carried out within the scope of work the whole week of 360 °. Tire crane can load with big job adaptability, which is suitable for construction sites, railway stations, docks and other relatively stable workplace.
(3) is tracked crawler cranes crawler cranes and supporting the drive to run part of the mobile crane. Compared with the first two cranes, in addition to walking part of the tire instead of using a track, the rest of the working principle is basically the same agencies. Due to the large track contact area, but walking on loose surfaces, it has traction, strong climbing ability, small turning radius (or even turn in place), the job does not require the support legs can be suspended load traveling and so on.
(4) Special dedicated mobile cranes Mobile Cranes those job objects or jobsites constant flow of lifting equipment. As for the lifting of container quay gantry container cranes tire, mounted on aerial platforms and cranes and other rescue vehicle's chassis.