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LDA model electric single-girder cranes 1t-16t
LDA model electric single-girder cranes for machine shop, assembly shop, warehouses and other places for general lifting loading and unloading operations.
Operation in the form of: ground control, cab control. Form: LD type, LDA-based, LDC model, LDP type.
Rated Lifting Capacity(t) 1,2,3,5,10,16
Span(m) 5,7.5,10.5,11,13.5,14,16.5,17,19.5,22.5,25.5,28.5,31.5
Crane Travelling Travelling Speed(m/min) 20,30,45,(60),75
Motor Model ZDY1-21-4 ZDR12-4
Power(KW) 2×0.8  2×1.5
Revolving Speed(r/min) 1380  1380
Electric Hoist Type CD1/MD1
Lifting height(m) 6,9,12,18,24,30
Lifting speed(m/min) 8/7;8/0.8(7/0.7)
Travelling Speed(m/min) 20,30
Working Class A3-a5
Power Supply 380V  50HZ
Cart wheel diameter Ø270 mm
Track voluminous 37-70 mm
Note: The above parameters for the performance of the existing cases of mature technical parameters are for reference only. We can design and manufacture products according to user’s requirements. There are various derivative models of said crane available for customers to choose.